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First day off the LID, and I have been living it up, foodwise:

Lunch: Clam chowder, half a salami sandwich
Snack: big old bowl of fresh figs (fine on LID, but still, delicious)
Dinner: Skillet of potatoes, mushrooms, mushroom sauce, and spicy chicken sausage


LID hamburger

burger burger
We didn't have any LID bread handy, so someotherguy made me what *looks* like a carb-hater's delight, but is really just a LID-friendly burger (with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and salt-free ketchup/mustard. My boyfriends ROCK.


LID foods

The past few days, let's see, what have I eaten?  Lots of boiled potatoes. A few avocados. A restaurant meal! (Steamed veggie platter, fruit bowl, root beer.)  Some frozen potatoes fried up with a little ground beef in olive oil, with salt, pepper, and garlic.

SO many foods are calling me. The pickles at the Jewish deli.  The cans of mushroom soup in the cupboard.  BUTTER.

Oh, well, just another week or so, I hope.  And I'll be home in 5 days, so it'll get a little easier.

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Things I miss most while being on LID:

1. Being able to eat whatever I want without thinking
2. Butter
3. Mayo
4. Being able to find food to eat easily when I'm not at home
5. Being able to eat out once in a while

Food this week

I'm afraid I'm terrible at blogging when I'm this busy and stressed, but I've made some decent LID stuff this week, and I thought I'd just toss out a list for those who are looking for LID ideas.

New York Times no-knead bread
Pulled pork and artichokes
Avocado and tomato sandwich with olive oil and salt
O'Brien potatoes with salt-free ketchup (and salt and pepper ad paprika)
Lots of cooked carrots (I'm still eating mostly soft things because of my dental surgery)

Henry's had some good snacks today -- salt-free sesame sticks, and some candies with no salt or other no-nos in them. I can't eat them at the moment because of the seeds, but it's good to have them for when my mouth heals up a bit.

Oh, and MTE made dinner on the grill last night. He made pork with garlic and meat tenderizer, and then chicken with my own LID-friendly barbecue sauce. It was wonderful. (I made some LID-friendly french fries to go with.)

Today's LID foods

B: Leftover polenta, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt
L: Grapes; kabocha squash microwaved and then sprinkled with salt
D: I'm making pot roast for the family, but I can't be sure the meat isn't salined, so I kept some of the veggies aside, and I'll boil them for myself, and if I'm still hungry after, I'll eat some of the hummus I'm making.
S: Popsicles, juice

LID again

I don't have much internet time while I'm at mom's, but I started the LID yesterday, so I thought I'd blog that when I get the chance.

Yesterday's yummy LID foods (still on soft foods from oral surgery):

B: Fresh fruit and juice from the hospital cafeteria
L: Boiled red potatoes (no skins) with olive oil and salt; homemade baba ganouj (roasted eggplant, unsalted tahini, roasted garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt)
D: Baked chicken with garlic; polenta; steamed green cauliflower

Today's food (still on mostly soft foods):

B: Cold boiled potatoes with olive oil and salt; baba ganouj
L: Fresh cherries; another potato; mushrooms cooked in olive oil, garlic, and salt
D: Chicken and veggies (see below); fettuccine, huge artichoke

For the chicken and veggies, I made basically the veloute from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, using olive oil instead of butter, and homemade chicken stock for the liquid. I added cut-up leftover baked chicken, onions sauteed in chicken fat, diced red bell pepper, the rest of the green cauliflower, and a whole bunch of the mushrooms I made at lunch. Normally, I don't do the cooking-ahead thing very much, but when I'm at mom's, it's pretty important for me to keep a lot of LID foods around to nibble on, because nibbling on random stuff isn't an option, and I do a lot of stress-eating at mom's.

So far, pretty good stuff. And mom's boyfriend really liked dinner; he said it was really elegant. Score.

Tonight, I'll soak some garbanzos so I can make a big batch of hummus tomorrow.