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20 September
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SereneCooking is cooking simply, with an eye to flavor, economy, and joy. Cheap food doesn't have to be boring, and simple food doesn't have to taste like cardboard.

Any recipes posted are mine, and you're free to take them, because I think hoarding recipes is kind of silly. If I make a recipe of someone else's, however, I'll either post a link, or I'll tell you where I found the recipes, because I also think taking someone else's recipes without their permission can make them angry, and I prefer not to make people angry. (When I have any idea how to contact the person whose recipe it is, I'll try that, and post the recipe if I get permission, which I just typed as "persimmon". Mmmm, persimmons!)

There will be no friends-only posts here, so I'm only going to friend other cooking journals, so that my friends page will be a place you can see all the cooking journals I like.